PC Chassis Fan  
As a result of testing fan gets the award "smart choice".
GlacialTech 8025 case fan recommended by the Canadian medium.
SilentBlade 9225 PC case fan wins the Best Hardware award from 3D Italia.
GlacialTech 8025 case fan got the ORIGINAL DESIGN award from Russian.
  GlacialTech cooling solutions recommended to build PC system for the new NVIDIA SLI Technology.
In the review, GlacialTech cooling solution, Igloo 7200 series is strongly recommended for AMD 64 CPU, and 8025 & 12025 case fans are also recommended for PC case, being important for this type of system a very good furthercoolingsolution .
GlacialTech both of SilentBlade 8 cm and 12 cm got Highly Recommended Award. GlacialTech SilentBlade has extraordinary design and the best performance from the real silent fans. With its low price and silent operating won the Highly Recommended Award. From the real silent fans GlacialTech was at the top best in noise level and made good CFM at same time! "
  Glacialtech Silent Blade fan is very quiet - maybe one of the most silent fans I've heard. Silent Blade is one of the best case fans because it's very quiet, fairly cheap and flows air very well. It's hard to think of any flaws or cons so it's definitely a good buy for people wanting to have quiet computers .  
  If you want to got the best results from cooling operation without to compromise the noise of PC system, you need choose fans with high quality, silence and performance. We recommend GlacialTech model of 12 cm fan, with higher air flow, for PC systems that need a major cooling, and GlacialTech 8 cm fan model for little system with less space available .  
  Characterized by low noise and by high air flow delivered, GlacialTech SilentBlade coolers distinguish themselves in the cooling system market by the special blade design that makes to deliver about 20% more air flow than other comparable model of other brand. The noise level is minimum and it permits to built PC system with maximum silence performance. Regarding power consumption, SilentBlade boast good performance both in start voltage and in operation current.