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  04.2012- The biggest and popular shopping center has illuminated GlacialLight's BR40, DL06 and panel light in Lagos, Nigeria.
  01.2012- Supermercados Nacional, a high-end supermarket chain in the Dominican Republic, installed GlacialLight's down lights.
  01.2012- GlacialLight's flood lights were used by SriLankan Airlines in Sri Lanka.
  01.2012- Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort with GlacialLight GL-SP07.
  12.2011- The Retailed Shop utilized GlacialLight LED lamps in Uruguay.
  12.2011- The Bank of BANCO POPULAR DOMINICANO installed GlacialLight's LED lights in Dominican Republic.
  11.2011- GlacialLight's SP30 were installed at Petrol Station in Madrid,Spain.
  11.2011- GlacialLight's LED Lighting Solutions were used for the business center of GIGI Kaudi in Moscow.
  10.2011- HanshinArena Shopping Plaza has been illuminated with GlacialLight's MR16 in Taiwan.
  10.2011- GlacialLight's SP30 Used for Solar PV Billboard in in Indonesia.
  10.2011- GlacialLight Downlight Installed in InterContinental Hotel in Israel.
  09.2011- A show room in Moscow, Russia installed a variety of GlacialLight's LED lights .
  08.2011- Watsons, a large chain drugstore, installed GlacialLight's flood lights in their Guangzhou, China store.
  07.2011- PNG Kothrud, Pune Showroom in India has been furnished with GlacialLight's down light & MR16s.
  07.2011- GlacialLight SP30 installed in Corfu. (Greece)
  07.2011- GlacialLight Panel Light installed in Paz Towers in Ramat-Gan, Israel
  07.2011- GlacialLight's Capella Series down light for used in Solar Application in France.
  06.2011- MARRONS Cake Factory installed GlacialLight's panel light in Taiwan.
  06.2011- The Highly Reputed Dressing Company of Lee Kum Kee in Hong Kong has been listed as a users of GlacialLight's panel lights.
  05.2011- The Antiques Furniture & Decorations Shop utilized GlaicalLight's MR16 in Taiwan.
  05.2011- GlacialLight has provided BR30 lamps to one of the restaurant of Taiwanese Cuisine in LA, California, US.
  05.2011- The Benz & VW Luxury Car Modification and Maintenance Factory in Taiwan installed GlacialLight's panel lights.
  05.2011- The Formosa a luxury watches flagship store has been illuminated with GlacialLight's AR111 & MR16 in Taiwan.
  04.2011- GlacialLight's BR40 has been installed in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  04.2011- The Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Uganda has been installed GlacialLight MR16 bulbs.
  04.2011- The main bus station was installed GlacialLight's T8 Tube in Moscow, Russia.
  03.2011- We are thankful to LALED to make GlacialLight successful and recognized by listing it's SP30 floodlight in Superbowl XLV in Texas, USA.
  03.2011- SUM-Taiwan, the one of the largest car dealer chain store has displayed the GlacialLight SP30 floodlights, in south of Taiwan, Kaohsiung.
  03.2011- GlacialLight's hottest and most popular panel light (GL0606) – shined at JIAN HONG CHIROPRACTIC in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
  03.2011- The Emway office Morocco has been festooned with GlacialLight's MR16 bulbs.
  03.2011- The Attijariwafa Bank has unveiled the BR30 lamps of GlacialLight in Morocco.
  03.2011- The Zenkov Cathedral Church has been coronated with GlacialLight's BR40 lamp in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  03.2001- The Pro Hopetime Watch Company has flourished and brandished GlacialLight's hot products of AR111 lamps in Taichung, Taiwan.
  02.2011- The PORSCHE Showroom solely used GlacialLight's BR30 lamps in Florida, USA.
  02.2011- GlacialLight has provided SP30 floodlights, one of it's floodlight series, all over the WuFenPu Shopping Market in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
  02.2011- GlacialLight has provided multiple LED Lighting Appliances such as SP15W floodlights & BR30 lamps in Japan.
  02.2011- The Yokohama parking lot, Japan, utilized GlaicalLight's SP60W & SP100W floodlights.
  01.2001- The GlacialLight's 60W floodlights have dazzled the LOCO Sports at Shonan Swimming School in Kanagawa, Japan.
  09.2010- The jewelry chain stores-Magic Gold in Moscow is ornamented with GlacialLight's MR16 bulbs.
  09.2010- The world of Titan's watch shop is totaling with GlacialLight's 15W floodlights, MR16 & light bar in Maharashtra, India.
  09.2010- The S.G.KAIGAONKAR SARAF AND JEWLLERS shop is adding GlacialLight's MR16 &BR30 bulbs in Maharashtra, India.
  08.2010- Delta Electronics,Inc was displayed with GlaicalLight's 30W floodlights.
  07.2010- GIANT 捷安特 chain stores of Shanghai is installed with GlacialLight's BR 40W bulbs.
  06.2010- The Hotel of Tainan in Taiwan is decorated with Glacial Light’s BR30/BR40 & MR16 Bulbs.
  06.2010- GlacialLight's MR16 5W Bulb has been showcased at Silver's Watchmaker Shop in Taipiei,Taiwan.
  06.2010- The SPA Hotel of New Caledonia is glittering with GlacialLight’s 60 W floodlights.
  06.2010- The Italian restaurant in Moscow, Russia is glowing with BR40W Bulbs.
  06.2010- GlacialLight’s BR40W bulbs are adding sparkling aura in Cantonese Restaurant of Kowloon in HK.
  06.2010- President of the Russian Federation gave a high appraisal to Russian System Integrator’s products with GlacialTech’s thermal solutions.
  01.2010- Computer experts say every third desktop PC, sold in Russia assembled with GlacialTech CPU coolers.
  05.2010- The Long Beach Convention Centre of CA in USA is a glittering masterpiece and a symbol of impressionism, empowered by GlaciaLight’s BR 40W Bulbs.
  01.2010- Germany Berlin Spandau Arkaden shopping center decorated with GlacialLight's 60W floodlights.
  01.2010- Developed a technical team for solar applications who currently build the GlacialSolar product line.
  12.2009- GlacialTech Launches GlacialStars Addressing the Mainstream to Entry Level Market.
  12.2009- GlacialLight's 60W floodlights are currently showcased in Chicago Technology Park, Taiwan.
  12.2009- GlacialLight LED lighting solutions are to be found in over 40 countries worldwide.
  04.2009- GlacialTech won T8 LED Tubes project by WuRih Elementary School.
  09.2008- GlacialLight BR40 LED honored by Lan-Yu Primary School.
  05.2008- Capital increased to NTD93,700,000 through mergence of GlacialPower INC.
  04.2008- Raised capital from earning profits to NTD85,000,000.
  10.2007- Raised capital from earning profits to NT$48,000,000.
  09.2007- Shipped the first GlacialLight LED lighting solutions of Par-30 and Par-38.
  03.2007- GlacialTech has been listed as alternate support component supplier for Intel Core™2 Duo desktop processor.
  11.2006- The EU government enacted this law to protect European consumers and the environment by requiring manufacturers of "Electronic Information Products" to first declare, and then control, to build up GREEN supply chain.
  10.2006- Entered into agreement with BMW for DC fan series products, match making between GlacialTech and BMW.
  08.2006- Raised capital from earning profits to NT$40,000,000.
  05.2006- Cooling design and manufacture for IPC vendors of Advantech and Aaeon.
  04.2006- Established Chinese subsidiary in Shenzhen .Established GlacialPower INC. for SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) products with paid in capital NT$12,500,000.
  12.2005- CPU cooler shipment for Acer (India) desktop PC systems.
  11.2005- CPU cooler shipment for LG (India) desktop PC systems.
  10.2005- Raised capital from earning profits to NT$30,000,000.
  07.2005- Established German subsidiary in Tönisvorst .Design passive (no fan) media center chassis published by UK PC PRO magazine.
  06.2005- Design and manufacture thermal modules for Siemens's industrial notebook.
  11.2004- Expand the product line to the media center chassis.
  09.2004- Raised capital from earning profits to NT$18,000,000.
  06.2004- Following with EU environmental Directives=> WEEE, RoHS to comply with the green regulation.
  12.2003- Approved by ISO9001 & ISO14001 system certifications.
  12.2002- Build European warehouse at Holland Rotterdam.
  07.2002- CPU cooler shipment for Fujitsu-Siemens desktop PC systems.
  12.2001- OEM thermal module shipment for Panasonic's industrial notebook.
  06.2001- GlacialTech INC. was established with paid in capital NT$11,500,000, engaging in the design, manufacturing and sales of thermal products.