President of the Russian Federation gave a high appraisal to Russian System   Integrator’s products with GlacialTech’s thermal solution.
  Moscow, May 2010 – President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, who visited to one of the biggest Russian  System Integrator's  factory in Obninsk which produces personal computers, workstations, monoblock PCs, servers, storage systems, i-kiosks and other computer equipment, gave a high appraisal to the products where GlacialTech's cooling systems are used.  
                                    (Source by System Integrator)  
  GlacialTech, the world-wide leader in development and manufacture of PC cases, cooling systems and PSUs for consumer and industrial systems, is an old partner of  this System Integrator's . The experts from both companies have been successfully cooperating for many years to reach the highest-quality of the products and satisfy the increasing demand of the Russian science, education and industry for high-performance and energy-saving systems.

GlacialTech's products are widely used in  manufacture in such innovative solutions as home supercomputing systems, powerful gaming computers and system monoblock units.

One of the high-performance monoblock computers, All-in-One LCD PC, assembled at the pipeline, was studied by Dmitry Medvedev with great interest. President examined the computer inside including the GlacialTech's cooler. Discovered the parameters and price of such system he said that this niche should be developed more actively. "It's high time to bring such computers to the industrial level, for example, to supply to companies".

The latest monoblock systems – the first in Russia which combine a monitor and a powerful computational system, use low-profile combined coolers from GlacialTech with compact ribbed heatsinks and heatpipes. GlacialTech's coolers used in modern systems, effectively remove heat from the CPU and critical components delivering efficient and almost noiseless cooling.

Russian System Integrator and GlacialTech intend to expand their cooperation in the sphere of development and application of modern cooling systems. GlacialTech design and manufacture not only heatsinks but also different customized solutions for high technologies modules for thermal management of telecom industry as well, since in 2001. The specialty of GlacialTech heatsinks is that it is tiny in form factor and lightness. However, GlacialTech can provide customer the adaptable service like design and manufacture of any thermal solution.