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  GlacialTech lines up exciting product offerings for CeBIT 2008

Hannover, Germany, 4~9 March, 2008 - GlacialTech Inc., a diverse provider of cooling, power supply, and PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications, will showcase a full range of its thermal and other IT solutions that reflect GlacialTech’s leading edge technology at CeBIT, 2008. The product line up will include GlacialTech’s award winning CPU cooling solutions, switch mode power supplies, LED lighting and other digital entertainment solutions. The fantastic offerings will be on display at CeBIT in Hannover during March 2008. The latest trends from GlacialTech covering all our innovative price performance products will be on hand in our booth for display. As a prospective buyer, you will be able to ask our friendly sales team for direct quotations, Members of the Press are invited to view our products and question our staff and publish our wares in the media. Please find us in Hall 20, Booth # C24 (D01).

GlacialTech is determined to build a strong brand; Check out the Billboard Ad's at the Hannover train station during CeBIT, 2008. 

Thermal Solutions :
Positioned as a ‘quiet', cost effective, efficient cooling solutions for high frequency and high I/O processors, GlacialTech's IGLOO range of silent heat sinks not only cools the CPU but also enhances system performance as well. Designed as a cost effective and low noise thermal solution for socket 775 Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Athlon64 (socket 939/AM2) processor. The IGLOO CPU cooling solutions not only allow heat to be dissipated at a faster rate, but also decrease the vibration buildup around fan blades to minimize noise output.
Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) :
GlacialPower, a subdivision of GlacialTech Inc., will present the world's first switching power supplies (PSU) to support the just released 80 Plus standard with cable management kits and 8cm/12cm Fan in the full range of PSU products. Also including industry power supplies, such as an Enclosure type 30~360W single output, an Open Frame type 25~60W single to triple output, and an Adaptor 10~220W Wall-Mount and Desktop type, including LED driver modules for high brightness lighting and a battery charger for lead acid batteries. That is as wide-a-range of switching power supplies solutions as you can get.
LED Lighting :
GlacialLight, another subdivision of GlacialTech Inc., will showcase its brand new range of high brightness, high power LED lighting solutions, for indoor, outdoor and other customized applications. GlacialLight indoor LED solutions presents a fantastic low voltage alternative to the old style incandescent lights used in homes, offices, retail and other environments. Offering product lifetimes in excess of 50,000 hours, GlacialLight indoor LED solutions offer the perfect blend between product innovation, lighting aesthetics and efficient energy & thermal management and are available for a wide variety of indoor applications. GlacialLight PAR30/38 lamps for instance, available in varying wattages, are most suited for track lighting, accent lighting and recessed lighting applications. GlacialLight high brightness solid-state LED lamps, especially the PLMR16-13, are an ideal alternative for traditional MR-16 halogen lamps. Possessing similar dimensions to the MR-16 halogen lamp, PLMR16-1W3 is equipped with a high power LED light source, efficient optical lens system and an optimized thermal heat sink for better heat dissipation. GlacialLight LED Bar solutions, including the LBR8 and LBR234, are designed for use in cove lighting, task lighting, and cabinet lighting applications.

The outdoor streetlamp LED solutions from GlacialLight will feature the top-of-line, ultra-high power 135watt street light, LBC-135W, that provides 2134 lm while keeping junction temperatures at a uniform 50°C. Another high powered 108-watt outdoor LED solution, the SPL-108-W Searchlight, provides 5134 lm output while keeping operating temperature at a uniform 50°C. Built to last, with durable metal casing, the GlacialLight outdoor LED solutions are thoroughly lab-tested to stand up to natural elements for allpurpose outdoor lighting applications. With an IP rating of 65 for dust and water protection, these state-of-art products are designed to function in all kinds of windy, rainy, high humidity, and sunny weather conditions. Totally sealed, dustproof and waterproof, GlacialLight outdoor LED solutions provide efficient on-board thermal management, controlled heat and power dissipation rates across LED clusters optimally and maintains brightness output uniformly across the solution.
Digital Home - Superior Home Theatre :
GlacialTech's Altair A380/A320 HTPC enclosure is the perfect addition to any home. The Altair series stands out with its intuitive consumer electronics design and multi-media functionality and combines a powerful PC, and exceptional audio system into a compact, all-in-one design for a low profile highly functional digital home chassis.

As a specialist thermal solutions provider, GlacialTech is committed to using lighter weight materials, lower noise and lower manufacturing cost to deliver superior cooling solutions that offer increased value for its customers with lighter system board loading, in a quiet working environment.
  About GlacialTech Inc.
GlacialTech Inc. is a component provider to provide diversified solutions in fields of cooling, SMPS (Switched Mode Power Suppler) and chassis for consuming and industrial applications. Having established the strong relationships with thermal, SMPS and mechanism technology leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials to provide its products with an optimal balance of performance and value.

For more information about GlacialTech thermal technology, please visit the company homepage at www.GlacialTech.com.
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